Amusement Parks On Fire is Filter US Recordings’ second import of non-American music you may not have heard of. Or I haven’t heard of. As usual, I’d rather not describe the music or attempt to do it in a well thought out manner, so I’ll just say that I really like it to the point that it surprised me and I don’t know why. The album is a mix of loud layered guitar type stuff and then peaceful Sigur Ros-esque songs. Like a dark chocolate multi-layered cake with lots of soft, creamy vanilla icing in between. Mm, icing…oh crap, I talked about food. Someone has to keep me from doing that.

The nice thing about the album is that each song flows into the next. Kind of. Um. Listen to these songs in this order:

Amusement Parks On Fire – 23 Jewels [removed]
Amusement Parks On Fire – Venus In Cancer [removed]

…you better like it. Or deathy.