Files this under “good things about going to college” (from nyu livejournal comnunity):


With Special Guests

Thursday, 4/28, doors at 8:00pm

Kimmel Center, E&L Auditorium, 4th Floor

Come check out this special performance!
It’s the last show of the year, you should be there!

On Sale Monday, 4/18 at Ticket Central!
Tickets are $6 in advance with NYU ID,
$7 at the door with NYU ID.

This concert is only open to NYU students with valid NYU ID.
Limit 2 ‘advance’ tickets per ID.

I think I first listened to The Decemberists a few years ago but for some reason didn’t get into their music. Lately I got to listen to Picaresque and …whoa, really like it. Or like it enough to buy it (which I haven’t done yet but I assure you, I’m one of those weirdos who illegally downloads albums and then actually buys them). A few weeks ago one of my friends told me they were going to play here but I filed that information in the back of my mind. Glad to see she was right.

I hardly ever go to NYU things, which is sad because I’m probably paying for it. When the Shins played here last summer for FREE, I actually got as far as waiting in line and then upon realizing they had huge fans (me = not a fan, nor an un-fan) sadly wandering around ticketless, I thrusted my ticket into some random girl’s hands. She obviously wanted the ticket but wasn’t thankful at all to my knowledge. More like “Duh, I want the ticket!” and that was it. Hooray for douchey NYU girls. (Luckily, perhaps, I don’t know many annoying people like that. I think it’s because people in the food studies department are happy, obviously because they get to study food.)

When Le Tigre came I actually bought a ticket for that because I was mildly interested in them and it was cheap. And then someone offered me a free ticket to see Phoenix that night and I went to that instead. I think I was better off doing that.

But I’ll see the Decemberists! Yes. This music video is awesome.