I’m still happy from the Beck concert. Superb. Superduperb. I ended up listening to random old Beck songs and came across Satan Gave Me a Taco. As hard as I tried I could never memorize more than a few stanzas, but it’s a great weird song. Listen to it:

Beck – Satan Gave Me a Taco [mp3 removed]

I’ve finally gotten around to buying the deluxe version of Guero. Or…I’m VERY close. Even though shipping is $9 at the beck.com emporium, the price still seems better than at other websites I’ve looked at. I thought most places priced shipping based on THE ITEM BEING SHIPPED and not how much it costs, but that would actually make sense. Oh well, tax refunds get translated into Beck CD buying!

You can download the Boards of Canada remix of Broken Drum at scissorkick. The first time I heard the remix I thought, “I really like this.” I listened to it again while walking home tonight and thought “I LOVE THIS.” I don’t know why though. Maybe it was just a good moment; comfortable weather, clear black sky, bright moon, Verizon building looming nearby, airplanes flying overhead. It made me want to romp around the street if I hadn’t been hauling a laptop on my back.