cover of All Songs Written by: Human Television

Diana lent me Human Television’s “All Songs Written By: Human Television a while ago and the more I listen to it the more I like, and the more I like it the more I…listen to it. (Was that a disappointing way to end a sentence or what? What? Yes.) Here’s a song I really like (sadly, it’s very short) even though I have no idea what it’s about:

Human Television – I Forgot

I have no idea what it’s about because I’m too lazy to actually make out the words. It’s not indecipherable but everything melds together nicely, like when you pour cream into tea and after stirring it around end up with creamy, mellow tea. And while you’re at it you may as well stir in some sugar or honey as well. Yes, I’m comparing this song to tea. That wasn’t my original plan.

They’re playing at Pianos on April 7th at Bloc Party’s after-party, but that’s a guest-list only thing and I suppose I wouldn’t have wanted to go to something after midnight anyway. (sniff) I’ve been getting more into Bloc Party after listening to them in smatterings, most recently “Like Eating Glass”, but I’m still not compelled to buy their CD. I’ll add it to my very long list of “stuff I wouldn’t mind having” though.