Thursday night while walking home from a play, I passed by Bowery Ballroom at around 10 PM to see craploads of people waiting in a line for Bloc Party. Continuing down the street I thought “Would I want to go badly enough to wait in that line? Mm…not really.”

While walking from one side to the other of the police station entrance that comes before the Brooklyn Bridge, the rain turned from somewhat non-existent to cats and dogs (and pigeons and squirrels). I had to whip out my umbrella during those mere seconds to avoid getting completely soaked. Somewhat annoyed by the fact that the bottoms of my pants and my sandal-covered feet were being bathed in NYC rain water, I started thinking about the people possibly still waiting outside Bowery Ballroom. And I laughed a lot. Interally.

That was my evil thought of the day.

Brooklyn Vegan has a recap on the show and the afterparty. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go if there was a mile-long line and Human Television went on at 2 AM (I think I was asleep by then) but it sounded pretty interesting. Okay, very interesting. I think I miss out on all the interesting things. Maybe another time.

Actually, my happiest music moments have been at very small shows. The problem with such shows is that you have no one to share the happiness with since they were small and no one showed up. A bit of a conundrum.

Going back to Human Television, they’re on Gigantic Music, which is related to Impose, a free entertainment (but mainly music) magazine (that I’ve only seen at Etherea, although it must be in other places that I haven’t noticed/been to). Diana and I made the website (Diana designed, I coded, which doesn’t involve much), although it’s not really finished…and yet it’s up anyway. And I’m telling you about it with the disclaimer that it’s not really done but it’s done enough so that we don’t care that it’s not done.

Too many websites. Not enough time.