Seattle radio station KEXP is the most awesome radio station EVER! I mean, in my opinion. I can’t honestly say I listen to it much (I rarely listen to the radio) but I have listened to them sometimes and had the pleasure of seeing Magnet and Sondre Lerche for free when KEXP was in NYC for the CMJ festival.

Anyhoo, looks like they’re coming back for more from April 4th to April 8th! BWAHAHA! I mean, it’s good for New Yorkers who want to see some free music in an intimate setting. Sign up at to see Ivy, The Information, Mike Doughty, Joy Zipper, or Phoenix perform at the Museum of Television and Radio [via gothamist]. I don’t think I’m going to go to any of these but Phoenix is good live and now you can see them in …a tiny little studio! Should be interesting. Seeing Magnet there equated to super happy joy joy for me (and I skipped class for the first time; ooh, what a rebel I am) and seeing Sondre Lerche play solo was fantastic.

Tomorrow: I AM KLOOT! KLOOTINESS! Sorry for shouting, I just like that word.