Both Kings of Convenience shows at Bowery Ballroom next week are sold out but they will be performing on Carson Daly on Monday, Feb 7th. You can reserve tickets at Of course, if you really want to go to the shows you should just go to Bowery Ballroom since they usually have extra tickets. And by the way, I AM SO CRAZY EXCITED LOOK AT THIS CRAZINESS IT’S ALL IN CAPS!!! KOC I LOVES YOUUUU. And by the way, I still can’t really tell Erlend’s and Eirik’s voices apart but by seeing them play maybe I will learn…

Doves tickets that went on sale last week (I think?) for their show at Bowery Ballroom on March 15th are sold out too [via brooklyn vegan]. So yay! Unless you don’t have tickets. In which case…argh. Read On Louder’s overview of the new Doves album.

I made a page for Guero related news, which would be just about any new Beck news, but there ye go. Information page, not a blog. That’s the difference.

Here’s an example of a non-Guero related thing. Launch party hosted by Beck and Kirstin Dunst: wow, that’s random. Another one: The Secret Life of Beck Hansen. I’m not sure what to think about it. Should I change EVERYTHING I think I know about Beck based on this one article? I’d rather not. As I have no experience with Scientology nor do I know anyone who follows it, I don’t have much of an opinion about it. But I’ll look at it like I look at other religions/cults: people are nuts, or a few of them are nuts. I’m even more sure of this after being made to read the bible in school.

I won’t go into that. It has nothing to do with music. LALALA.

Lastly, as always, Magnet should come back to the US. If I keep saying this it’s bound to happen, even if it takes a few months/years. If he opened for Doves like he did in the UK some time ago that would be awesome, but I’m sure he won’t. I had the teeny tiny hope Magnet would tour with Doves the last time they were in the US but I think the Rapture opened, or maybe Elbow.

Oh, I got the new Beck EP on iTunes for free for signing up an account through paypal (because you get five free tracks). Sweeet.

I like the new Hot Hot Heat single, “Goodnight Goodnight”, and Pitchfork does too.