They’re crappy but I’ve heard worse. I know because I’ve recorded worse stuff. Ha…ha. I had too many mp3s (15) so I just picked a few I liked [removed]:

  • Don’t Know What I Can Save You From – In the beginning I think Erlend received his fingerless gloves. Then he talked about Carson Daly and getting a jacket from the Smoothie King. And then they…uh, play the song.
  • Singing Softly To Me / The Girl From Back Then – The audience is called nerds and told to e-mail President Bush rather than bombard KoC with e-mails. And someone’s cell phone goes off, causing Erlend to imitate an American, or …someone. 😉 Excuse my stupid laughing.
  • When You Wish Upon A Star – They passed out some chocolates but there wasn’t enough for everyone (that would’ve been from a huge bag) so Erlend passed out some water. I was very, VERY thankful because I happened to be strangely thirsty. Ignore my stupid voice. I’m the one who says “Are you thirsty?” (to Diana. Someone threw a bottle at some point which I guess didn’t work too well? Oh, they go into this song after talking about going to Orlando and spending a few days in Downtown Disney. At least, I think that’s the relation.
  • I Like To Be Left Alone – This is the last song Erlend sang because…they want to be left alone, haha. Take a breather. 🙂