Doves are (is?) one my favorite bands and are releasing a new album soon (March 1st in the US, February 21st in the UK). New album means TOURING! Right? If you live in the UK, sure! As for the rest of us, we’ll have to find out later. I’ve seen them twice before and they’re awesome live (photos from the first concert). Diana would recall when Jimi told the audience at Hammerstein Ballroom to jump the barricade and being such Doves-loving slaves we proceeded to hop over, making disgruntled security guards in the process. Actually, I stayed behind, but Diana went over. I was guarding our stuff. OUR STUFF!

You probably didn’t care about that last paragraph, especially if you don’t know what Doves sound like. They sound like…well, I’m not sure how to describe them. They fit under the “rock/pop/alt” category but have a range of styles in their songs (a note if you stick around reading this blog: I’m nearly 100% incapable of describing music or not describing it in a stupid way). Here’s one I like in particular (warning: it may sound too happy for some people):

Doves – Pounding [removed]

That song isn’t really representative of the rest of their songs, but I really like it. And here’s that video, aka the subject of this post:

Doves – Black and White Town [via torr]

I like the video. It’s not something I’d watch over and over again but it doesn’t suck. Crappy music videos depress me.