Bjork - Triumph of the Heart video caps
Just another normal day in Iceland for Bjork

My favorite music videos are by Bjork (plus cool directors). I haven’t seen many music videos in my lifetime but I can’t imagine how anything else can compare. Matt pointed out the new video for “Triumph of the Heart” at directed by Spike Jonze and it’s just enjoyingly bizarre. Whatever that means. I mean, you got a cat, and Bjork running around Iceland in pigtails and a pink dress-thing and a bunch of (drunk) people singing and Bjork falling over exposing golden boots and hearts floating about and Giant Cat…it’s something you want to see, trust me.

As for cats in videos, have you see Fatboy Slim’s “The Joker” video? I’m not a Fatboy Slim fan but, my god, the kittens. They’re everywhere. And so cute and cuddly you could eat em and be like “Oohh yeah, cute kittens, mm mm fluffy like marshmallows.” Or hug them, I don’t know. I’ve never had pets.

No kittens in this one, but it’s another music video: FeistInside and Out. [via Brooklyn Vegan via others] I didn’t know it was a Bee Gees cover but that makes me feel less guilty for not liking it as much as other songs on her album. It’s still a nice song though. My favorites are Gatekeeper, Mushaboom, Secret Heart, Tout Doucement, and Now At Least…which is about half of the album. I should probably buy an import before waiting for a domestic release (if that is ever to happen). On a related note, has KoC’s cover of Gatekeeper on their downloads page. If you like KoC you’ve probably downloaded it already, along with most/all of the stuff on the page.