Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

Kaiser Chiefs seem to be one of the next hot new British band thingies…oh, you know what I mean. They’re Franz Ferdinand-esque, aka fun hyper dancey rock type stuff. You can download a song clip on their official site:

Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot

Hooyeah, a whole 49 seconds. That’s almost 5/6ths of a minute! I like the song but I’m disappointed I can’t listen to the whole things in iTunes. You can buy it online but…naaah. Watch the video instead:

I Predict a Riot – Windows Media | Realplayer

Mm, pillow fight. If I weren’t lazy I would record that into an mp3, but you know. [twiddles thumbs] Their album is scheduled to come out March 7th in Europe with no details of a US date so I guess I won’t have to think about whether I want to buy it or not anytime soon.