Pianos - first floor bar

Diana and I went to Pianos to check out Human Television but we ended up skipping out before they came on because it was too crowded. Not that either of us go to Pianos on a regular basis (or even a pseudo regular basis) but it seemed overly crowded. And it smelled of cheese and alcohol, which isn’t a very bad smell but I can’t say I’m used to it. We did stay there for about an hour before looking at the main space fill up to the brim like a Japanese train full of morning commuters.

Alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still had fun though. Perhaps the first time we both went to see a performance that we weren’t dying to see but went to because Diana had another friend who was going (and I’ll send my virtual birthday wishes to that person now since I forgot to do that in real life) and because we both happened to be free. It was an enjoyable evening out of the confines of my dorm, jsut being out and walking in the cold. Maybe I should go out more often, but it would have to be with someone else. Not really comfortable doing things by myself yet.

As for Human Television, I actually like their music. I say “actually” because most of the time local bands will not catch my attention. The only local band that I can think of that I really like is Levy. You can hear two Human Television songs at Gigantic Music on their little flash music player and both songs are nice and catchy (remember, I suck at describing music). I don’t know what to compare them to but they’re featured on Oh My Rockness and Gothamist. I’d like to hear more before deciding how much I like them…need more mp3s! Raar.

While at Pianos in the upstairs lounge all I could think of was Magnet, as in “He sat over there where THAT dude is sitting THAT DUDE HE’S IN MAGNET’S SPOT!” which is a ridiculous thing to think, but there you go. Now I really wish Magnet would come back. Usounds wrote this lovely live review of Magnet in LA. I particularly like this line: …he puts on a deceptively simple show which has the power to lull you into a higher plane of low-intensity musical ecstasy. It’s such a perfect description that I never in my entire life could ever come up with. It’s 110% true, maybe even 150%. Now I’m not even making sense.

Added: Actress Killed in Lower East Side Robbery. I’d never be out that late but this is very saddening. “She died in my arms”…don’t know what else to say. I have a feeling I’m not safe enough when I go out at night.