Beck on the cover of Filter

The new issue of Filter features Beck and will be out on February 11th. Don’t you love how Beck doesn’t appear to age? Is he covered in post-it-esque things or what? Awesome. I love Filter. Issue description:

Hey guero! It’s Beck! Filter’s Winter Issue is almost here, with a special Becknanza exclusive. Plus, the triumphant return of …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Doves, Slint, the Arcade Fire, the Kaiser Chiefs, Michel Gondry, a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, Todd Solondz and the ever elusive much, much more.

Royksopp live, Irving Plaza, March 17, 2003
1/2 of Roksopp (photos)

Röyksopp remixed a Beck song for one of his new singles. The remix is mentioned at and Billboard’s Röyksopp interview. And even more exciting than that is the new Röyksopp album will be out!!!…much later this year! But it’s still good news. You have Melody A. M., right? RIGHT? Right. They’re one of the few dance-y electronic artists that I like (other ones I like: Ladytron…does Plone count? No. Okay, I’ll have to think about this).