Kaiser Chiefs 'Oh My God' video
I have no idea what’s going on.

Did the music/nyc music blogosphere explode today? I can’t even remember everything I read besides the news about the Kaiser Chiefs playing in NYC. And about the Kaiser Chiefs, check out their video, Oh My God [via yentell]. I’m not really into the song but the music video is likely to make you think “Oh my…god?” It’s a tad strange but cool too.

I guess my music tastes aren’t diverse enough because I’m not very interested in a lot of the bands that are buzzing about lately. I’d probably like Portishead if I had any of their music…which I don’t. However, two years ago I was stuffed in a haunted house to protect the hardware in my group’s room and I had to hear a Portishead song play over and over and over and…over…again…and it was mixed with screams and other Halloween type noises. I don’t remember the name of the song but it is permanently stuck in my brain. It wasn’t a bad song but it’s not associated with a very good memory (of sitting on a table by a bunch of machines emitting loads of heat behind a black tarp-thing).

Sleater-Kinney is playing some shows. I guess I like them more than not-like, but I haven’t liked their music enough to buy any albums. I’d gladly take stuff for free though. I know I’ve heard some good songs. Someone (maybe more than one person) has recommended them to me. I feel like there’s something wrong with me when people give me recommendations that I end up not getting into. I saw Sleater-Kinney perform for about 10 minutes last summer at a free Vassar show. I probably should’ve gotten there earlier if I wanted to see…um, stuff. It was only strange because of all the huge population of obviously non-Vassar students there and that I even said that shows that it was probably a good thing I transferred. It really is a bubble.

I’m terribly jump-out-of-my-skin excited about Kings of Convenience at Bowery very soon. KOC! KOC KOC KOC!!! These guys are awesome. If you can go but don’t (they’re playing two shows!) then I shall exclaim, HOLY CRAP WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? …sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that. They’re really good though. NRK.no has a video of them in the recording studio and footage of other things and it’s great (that link isn’t the one I was looking for but it’s still good). NRK is chock full of videos, you just have to look for them. If you want to watch stuff but don’t want to register, use the username/password evenmagnet/privatejinx. (Notice in the video the Magnet poster in the back in the beginning. Ohhh yeaaah.)

Today in my first class for “Writing the Essay” my professor talked about punctum. And something else. (Can you tell how great I am at learning? Neither can I.) Punctum is what makes something touch you in a certain way…er, mentally. Emotionally. As opposed to something you just like, punctum indicates something you freakishly love. Acutally, that’s not what she said at all but that’s how my brain cells have processed it. I was thinking about what artists fulfill that description for me and I could only come up with Magnet and The Innocence Mission (it only took me a second to figure that out though). Some live experiences can be life-changing (Flaming Lips!) but overall, I can’t think of anything else. How about you?