Magnet will support Imogen Heap during her North American tour this November and December. Of course, I’m a flaming huge Magnet fan, but I’d like to see Imogen too. Which is why it pains me even more than I won’t be able to go to any of the shows. CRUEL FATE. And now that I’m 21 I know that no stupid age restrictions could keep me out of anywhere. Out of all things (other things being “death”, “freak explosion” and the like), being in the wrong country that screws me over. Doh.

Check out excessive live Magnet photos COMING ATCHA.

Remember that aforementioned Techno Parade thing? I didn’t go. Or rather, I went, but didn’t see it. I thought it would start at noon, but I found out it started at 2-something. Hm…yeah, okay.

Anyone want to recommend some music to me? YES, DO IT. I haven’t been listening to much lately since I’ve been going to school and eating stuff (these are two highly time consuming activities). Peter Bjorn and John is still my main source of auditory pleasure. I’m saddened that I missed them in Paris, but all my sources continue to warn me not to enter the 20th arrondissement of death.

Michel Gondry is the master of awesomeness, or at least one of the top 5. Read an awesome feature on him by The New York Times. Register if you have to and then read the WHOLE THING. No skimming. Skimming is not awesome.