No one shortens the word “performance”. Why? Because you end up with “perf”. Which rhymes with “Nerf”. Which sounds stupid.

Seattle residents, go to “Magnet’s”: performance at Easy Street Records on March 10th. Because I said so! …Hey, it’s free right? You have nothing to lose.

In 2001, “Rebecca”: saw him play at Easy Street Records (and wrote up this “lovely review”: The ending is especially interesting to re-read now:

Even acknowledged the sparse but impressed applause, started packing up, and people wandered off. I wandered dazedly over to my brother, and we hung around the bar observing Even as he chatted with the iBook guy.

Finally my brother got tired of waiting and walked over to him and said, “Great job,” shaking his hand. “Thank you,” Even said sincerely. My brother asked if he could take a picture and Even replied, of course. A few painless seconds later, we were captured in the same frame.

My brother took two pictures in that position, before Even suggested one with iBook guy in the background.

Afterwards, I had him sign my flier. Yes of course, he said, and he laughed a little while doing it. “I’ve never done this before.” Before his name, he again wrote: “Thanks for listening.”

Later, in the car, my brother (who purchased a U2 import .. and Quiet and Still) mused that perhaps five years from now, when he’s made it big, I can boast that I was the first person for whom Even Johansen signed an autograph.

At this point, Even is still obscure – so obscure that his audience for a free performance was within nine people of being nonexistent. While that does sound kind of pathetic, I’m going to be selfish and say I’m glad it turned out that way.

Lo and behold, it’s been about five years. Don’t be sparse this time. Bring at least 9 friends.

When Rebecca filled me in on the intimate performance, I felt pretty jealous. (I didn’t have the guts to actually say anything to him during that tour.) However, she swiped the pen he signed the flyer with and later mailed it to me, surrounded by bubble wrap. Aw. Now that’s a good friend.

…Actually, keeping the pen has made me feel creepy. It’s still in the bubble wrap.

Why did I tell you that?

(Cruel fate: Rebecca is taking this semester abroad in England. Aw.)

Not really related, but I JUST LOVE THOSE NORWEGIANS: Sondre Lerche is playing at “Housing Works”: next Friday, March 10th. Buy tickets here. Housing Works raises money for…good stuff! YOU CAN GET YER SONDRE AND SUPPORT SOMETHING GOOD. Yeah? Yeah. Which is why I’m going even though I’m also going to the Bowery Ballroom show. Yeah…I don’t know how much Sondre I can take. [thanks “Janet”:]