Sondre Lerche is coming out with two albums next year! The first one is due out in Feb/March and the other in the fall. I’m not sure what “punchy songs” are but I suppose I’m looking forward to them. [via “it’s a trap!”:]

Do you have a fast Internet connection? Goody. DoCopenhagen lists the “Top 50 Music Videos of 2005”:, a nice thing to see after reading too many top albums of 2005. I don’t watch many music videos so I could never formulate a list of best videos, but I really like “Carkpark North’s”: “Human”. Bjork’s “Triumph of a Heart”: is awesome too…because it’s Bjork! And she’s so cute! You know it. Sadly, I wasn’t very into any of the gazillion Beck videos that came out this year.

So out of this Top 50 list, I kind of like “Animal Collective – Leaf House”:, despite that I have no idea what the video or song are about. The song is oddly…hyponotizing. [punches self in head] Someone get it out of there. And that Barbie toy in the video kinda weirds me out because I think it’s an old McDonalds toy. Remember when they’d run out of ideas so they’d have Barbie figures for girls and toy cars for boys? Lame.

I like “Brendon Benson – Cold Hands, Warm Heart”: because it’s cute. Obviously. Well, kinda cute. I think the whole video should’ve just been with the black and white drawings. It could’ve been very “Bitter Films”: -ish, although best without the “MY ANUS IS BLEEDING” bit. (But that _is_ one of the best parts. “Everybody dance!” …Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.)

Because I’m slow, I just listened to “We Are Scientists”: for the first time a few days ago (after the Letterman appearance: oops). This was after filling my head with opinions from popular media in the form of high-circulation periodicals (…the Blender subscription was _free_, which means I’m adding to its high-circulation) and deciding that reading these magazines replaces my brain with cotton candy. Hm. But WAS was mentioned a few times, so maybe that’s not so bad….

Uh. Anyway, their music videos are funny. FUNNY IS GOOD. I DEMAND AMUSEMENT. HA HA HA …FULFILLMENT OF AMUSEMENT DEMANDS WRITING IN CAPS. _Uh._ So…while I like their songs, the music videos make them even better. Or “holding cats”: makes them better. Or lack of seriousness makes them better, a feeling I wouldn’t get from listening to the music alone. Check out two of their music videos at “The Lonely Island”: (responsible for the “Lazy Sunday” video that you’ve seen 1024.0445 times already). Also check out the video for “It’s A Hit”: It’s amusing.

WAS is playing at “Bowery Ballroom”: on January 12th. Hm. [scratches head] Should I go? Stay in my room and watch Gilmore Girls, _forever?_ My gut is telling me I should go, which is weird. [punches gut…yeah, I’m writhing on the floor now]

Last unrelated bit: commenters at Gothamist “round up the best places to sell used CDs in NYC”:


Check out “Chris’ interview with WAS lead singer Keith Murray”:

I think the “Bowery show is sold out”: 😐

Um…another update:

WAS added a Maxwell’s show on January 20th. Gaarh!