Bradley’s almanac put up “mp3s from Monday’s EITS show”:! They’re great quality and very happiness inducing, all without the “ear-blistering” quality (I wore earplugs during the show…yup). Download, NOW. [via “chromewaves”:]

(It’s weird to find photos that you can spot yourself in, and creepy when “you’re taking a photo at the same time”:!)

More reviews [via “brooklyn vegan”:]:

“Ear Farm”:
“Friends Forever”:

I didn’t mention the opener Wilderness in my other post, but I’m one of the people who didn’t “get” them. I _could_ leave it at that, but…I have no idea how anyone could’ve concentrated on the performance with the lead singer not really singing as much as yelling while looking like he was doing tai chi. But that’s just my opinion, and I am rather picky. Actually, it was also the opinion of my friends. We even started coming up with reasons as to why the rest of the band was keeping the singer. I suppose we’re just odd people.