I got this from someone’s LJ. But…it’s cute. I’m leaving out the questions I don’t have much of an answer for so if you’re bored out of mind, KEEP READING!

# Of all the bands/artists in your cd/record collection, which one do you own the most albums by?: Beck, partially because he just has so much STUFF, mainly because at the peak of my obsession, I’d try to buy every Beck related thing possible. No, I don’t have *everything* (that’d be insane, and I don’t amass bootlegs) but I think 40 or so albums and singles is enough.
# What was the last song you listened to?: Even Johansen – My Darling Curse, live on WFMU. It’s my favorite live set by “Even”:http://www.homeofmagnet.com although I doubt many people have heard it.
# What’s in your record player right now?: The record player use about five times a year? Seeland 7″
# What song would you say sums you up?: Depends what I feel like. Probably something by Plone.
# What’s your favorite local band?: As in NYC? (If NJ, I can’t think of any.) Um…does Interpol count? Levy is good too.
# What was the last show you attended?: CocoRosie at Tonic.
# What’s the shittiest band you’ve ever seen in concert?: Eeeh…probably an opener I didn’t care for, but I can’t remember.
# What band do you love musically but hate the members of?: Can’t think of one. (I’m boring.)
# What is the most musically involved you have ever been?: 6th and 7th grade, playing the clarinet when I actually enjoyed playing the clarinet. In 9th or 10th grade I remember taking trumpet and drum lessons at the same time, although another time I was taking guitar and drum, or maybe it was all three. Conclusion? I absolutely cannot play brass instruments. Actually, I’d just avoid all instruments that involve being breathed into altogether from now on.
# What show are you looking forward to?: Imaginary Magnet show. For some non-imaginary, I’m looking forward to Broadcast.
# What is your favorite band shirt?: I used to wear this Beck turntable one a lot in 8th grade. I don’t know where it is now…maybe I threw it out. 🙁
# Name 3 flawless albums?: Mraah…three. In no particular order, Radiohead – Kid A (yeah, I really like it, OKAAY), Even Johansen – Quiet & Still, Beck – Mutations
# Did you know that filling out this survey makes you a music geek?: I dunno, maybe loser is a better term.
# What was the greatest decade for music?: An early one. A gazillion years ago, probably.
# How many music-related videos/dvds do you own?: …some. But less than 10.
# Do you like Journey?: …
# Don’t try to pretend you don’t: …
# What is your favorite movie soundtrack?: For a long time, I really liked the soundtrack to Clueless. In 7th grade. I also liked the Lion King soundtrack…when I was 10. If I had the Amelie soundtrack I’d probably like it.
# What was your last musical “phase” before you wisened up?: Pseudo teeny bopper ish.
# What’s the crappiest CD/record/etc you’ve ever bought?: AQUA! Actually, that’s probably not true. But…Aqua? Why did I buy that? (I was 12.) Oh wait, maybe it was that Chumbawamba CD. Why…WHY?! (Um, you don’t want to know what else I bought when I was 12.)
# Do you prefer vinyl or CDs: I really love that 15 lb portable record player I have…erm, CDS, duh.