Because Matt is cool, he and his friend Bree are making mix CDs to help raise money for Katrina victims:

Here’s the deal. For a donation of $10 you get a custom mix CD on the theme of your choice. For example… Songs about Boston. Or songs with names in them. Or a CD of a specific genre or subgenre of music. We will send you a personalized CD with cover art. We will try our best to accommodate musical taste, so specify what you’re into as well. We have pretty wide tastes between everyone involved. The CD will be at least 12 songs long, no matter what the theme.

If interested, just make a minimum $10 donation to either the “American Red Cross”: or the “Humane Society”: and forward us whatever confirmation you receive from them. Include your CD theme and mailing address. [more info]

And if you live in Boston:

Friends in the Boston dance music scene, we’re looking at you here. We’d like to do something like have a special benefit night at a pre-existing club night. Charge more at the door, see if the venue will allow all door proceeds to go to the cause (Red Cross & Humane Society) and they can keep the bar revenue. We will obviously promote the shit out of this, which we are very capable of and good at. Perhaps get local rags like the Boston Phoenix involved. If you have any ideas or are in any position to help with such a project, please contact one or both of us. Promotors, DJ’s who will play for free, people who have “in’s” with local venues, we need your help.

You probably already know that the damage is devastating. Please help if you can. MSNBC has “a list of organizations receiving donations”: and you can donate using paypal via “Liberal Blogs for Hurricane Relief”: