..New York New York
Due to overwhelming demand a 2nd Beck show has been added!!!



..General Onsale..
Saturday, Sept 10 @ 11am (Local Time)
Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster outlets and charge by phone at 212 307 7171 and on-line at http://www.ticketmaster.com

I spent all day thinking about this concert and now, past 9 PM, I’m looking at the ticket page. Cos there are still tickets. (Can’t seem to get any for the Thursday show.)

Why haven’t I bought a ticket? … …mmm. I don’t know. I don’t recall ever thinking this long about going to a concert before. It shows two things: 1) I don’t want to go super badly and 2) I don’t not want to go. Weird. Someone slap me.

Reasons to not go: 1) I’m alone, 2) I don’t really like Hammerstein Ballroom, 3) I’d probably get a sucky spot, which is worse than not going, 4) It’s ~$50 (plus a buck to donate to Katrina if you want), but that’s not really bad. It’s bad enough to ensure that no one will want to come with me though. But today I spent $14 (with the tip) on a sammich from Shopsin’s (which is another story for another blog). Compared to that, Beck is well worth $50.

Reasons to go: 1) It’s Beck, 2) At least there IS a chance of getting a non-sucky spot.

WHY CAN’T I DECIDE? *slap slap slappity*



Nevermind, I just bought two tickets. $108.95.