I ordered an Ilkae CD about a month ago and it never showed up. I emailed them and never heard back. Not a good sign since I used paypal to send my $13 off into cyberspace.


On a totally unrelated note, you can stream Tom McRae’s new album, All Maps Welcome [via torr]. Sounds beautiful. I hate to admit that I didn’t buy the last album, which has been sitting on my amazon wishlist since last fall. I have his self-titled album but I haven’t listened to it in ages. I’ll break it out.

It’s nice listening to music you haven’t heard in a while. I listened to bits of OK Computer today and it made me happy. “Still good!” Not that I expected it to be not good but it’s like finding something in your kitchen that may have expired but you eat it anyway and it still tastes good.

…that was a bad comparison. Sorry.