Moving Patterns

Moving Patterns is an festival for Austrian electronic music to be held from April 26th to April 30th at the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC featuring movie screenings and music performances. Assuming it’s similar to 2002’s Phonotaktik (I haven’t been to the past two years’ electronic music festivals), it’s worth checking out if you like electronic music. AND IT’S FREE. “Free” is a good reason, yes?

I only got to go to one date during Phonotaktik but it was an interesting experience. Or awkward. It was a bit of both seeing as I was possibly the only high school girl who dragged her mother with her (there were younger kids there but I have a feeling their parents brought them along and not the other way around) and I was extremely non-Austrian among the most German speaking people I had ever been around with (erm, except for that time I was in Germany). But how many mothers would bring their 16 year old daughters to something like that (as in, go from NJ to NYC to see something they had absolutely no interest in seeing)? I wanted to see B. Fleischmann who was one of my favorite musicians at the time (still like him of course, just don’t listen to him as much as I used to) and saw him play drums with Villalog, not do twiddly electronic stuff. Still cool though. I recall lots of people lounging about, loads of photo taking (I have none as they all perished in “the great PC explosion of April 2002”) and besides the drumming, Curd Duca (I think) playing stuff on his laptop. I have to say, I’m nto very into the “me staring at some dude fiddle on his laptop” although I wouldn’t mind watching Kaptein Kaliber. [cough]

So…this entry was just an excuse for me to think about something that happened years ago that I don’t remember very well. Anyhoo, I’d like to check out this festival on at least one of the days after checking up the artists.