I can’t write reviews but I just want to write some thoughts about some recently acquired albums.

Kaiser Chiefs – Employment: At first listen I thought it was just okay. I really like some of the songs but most of them …not so much. I kept hearing Franz Ferdinand (who I love) references and while I can see that, I wouldn’t make the comparison. So I listened to it again. And again. And then some more. The like factor has increased and if I saw them perform live (probably would’ve gone last night at Bowery if it hadn’t sold out as I spent my Friday night sitting in front of my computer …good god, I should move every now and then) I’d probably like them more. OH WELL! “Na Na Na Na Naa” would be less annoying without the “Na na na naa” part, although I guess then it’d need a new name. Current favorite song on the album is “You Can Have It All”, a cute song. Yes, “cute” is the best I could come up with. For whatever the first thing I think while listening to it is “This is a cute song.” I’ve had stranger thoughts in my life. …okay, thinking about it again this album is better than I originally thought. Maybe it’ll grow on me more.

New Order – Waiting For The Siren’s Call: I’m not a huge New Order fan because I guess it’s not my kind of music (whatever my kind is?) so I don’t have much to say about this besides that it sounds like New Order. WOW REALLY. How much less helpful can I get? If you like New Order you will like this album! Yes, wow. I have “Get Ready” because I particularly liked “Crystal” and something else but I haven’t listened to that album in ages. Actually, I only listened to WFTSC once so far. It sounded good but nothing caught my ear immediately.

Beck – Guero: If you didn’t already know, I’m a big of a Beck fan. However, I wouldn’t say “HOLY CRAP EVERYONE BUY THIS ALBUM!” because like all Beck albums, it’s…well, it’s Beck. How to describe Beck? He can probably do everything. …except for glitch electronic music. For some reason I can’t see Beck performing with just a laptop or something like that. Anyhoo, getting off topic. I had heard most of this album already from the leak and while those weren’t the official finished tracks, they were close enough. My first impression when hearing the leak was “Hm.” What does that mean? I didn’t fall in love with it instantly, not that I felt like I had to but I was hoping to. Overall I think the album is good but not comparable to Odelay or anything else (actually, none of his albums are comparable to each other except maybe ….no, nevermind. I was going to say Golden Feelings and A Western Harvest by Moonlight but I don’t even remember what AWHBM sounds like). “E-Pro” is very catchy with all the “na na na”s…good lord, more na’s. But it’s like “NA na, na NA na na na” not the Kaiser’s Chief’s “NAnananaNA”. (If I make a note, it’s currently 2:18 AM). Okay, what the hell am I saying? Beck still makes good music. Guero has bits of Odelay and Midnite Vultures and Mellow Gold and maybe everything else mashed together in a big meat pie…I’m going to stop now because I’m not making sense. And I need to listen to Guero more. Oh, the liner notes are rather nice with all artwork done by Marcel Dzama. Drawn! just made a post about him. My first impression of the album art was “Mrrh?” but I like it more now. However, my favorite album music and art wise is Mutations.

Long-View – Mercury: I haven’t listened to this much yet but from what I heard it’s nice Brit-pop-rock-alt (pralt?) that’s pleasant to listen to whenever.

I’m done. I should just stick to food writing–it’s less painful. Oh, I went to Other Music yesterday and noticed the cheap CD section, the two right-most rows in the used CD section, for the first time. HELLA CHEAP, as in most of those CDs are a dollar. Dammit. I bought a few CDs.