This Filter SXSW blog is updated way too much. Is it wrong for me to find it extremely amusing? Perhaps a little too amusing? There’s something funny about all the crappy photos and…beer. Sadly, when I came across the words “pecan pie” I had to find the Salt Lick (the attention I pay to desserts shouldn’t surprise anyone who has eaten with me). I was hoping for more info about this pecan pie but alas, it’s mainly meat. Meat isn’t exciting–PIE IS EXCITING, GOD DAMMIT!

Okay, this blog is about music. The last thing I should do is stray into food as that usually ends in weeping and bad things.

Food gives me loads of stress that can only be ameliorated by live music. As long as I’m not surrounded by douchebags, live music makes me happy. WEE! I went to Pianos last night with Arthur to see Levy. They’re playing at Pianos every Wednesday this month but as I have class on Wednesday nights and this is my vacation week, last night was the only time I could go (actually, they went on after 10PM so in theory I could catch them next week but I’m lazy).

Last night was my fourth visit to Pianos and the first time the guy at the door looked at my ID and said I was underage. “Okay…but I came here last week…?” And that makes it okay. OKAY! Maybe the place is 18+, but 21+ is the suggested age. I hate silly rules. Then again, I don’t drink.

Some history that no one cares about but anyhoo, I first found out about Levy on 15 Megs of Fame, which is how I met Arthur and became his drummer, somewhat. We haven’t gotten to practice much and I suck the crap out of playing drums. But we both like Levy so hoorah! Okay! This paragraph sucked so I shall move on.

The Cobble Hillbillies came on before Levy and I was completely stunned, in a good way. My first thought was “Holy crap, I never listen to this kind of music outside a Disney theme park” (and of course, in the theme parks it’s only in Frontierland or whatever) which translates into “I never listen to this kind of music because…I dunno…what the hell?” On that note, the band was awesome. Really awesome. Awesome enough for me to buy their CD, which means I am listening to this kind of music outside a Disney theme park. Everyone seemed to have mastered their instruments (hell, I dunno how to play a banjo or even a harmonica–then again, I can’t whistle or snap my fingers) and they looked so damn happy. Or not unhappy at least. The harmonica guy had a BELT OF HAMONICAS which isn’t something you see every day, or in my case, ever. The mandolin guy’s fingers danced across the strings, possibly with the help of an illicit drug that makes people play the mandolin

I want a banjo. I’ve wanted a banjo for years but not badly enough to get one. What the hell would I do with a banjo? Play it? Oh.

Levy gave a good performance but I probably would’ve been more into it had I not been in a total bluegrass mood. I didn’t need earplugs for the Cobble Hillbillies but I would’ve been deaf without them during Levy. It would really suck to end up going deaf because you like listening to live music, but life is like that (I mean, life sucks). Levy seemed to have a bunch of fans in the audience, or at least in the rows in front of me. Usually being in the front row at shows made me forget how short I am (quite short). They played some songs that aren’t on their CD (which you should get–come on, it’s $10) or website that I liked so I guess those’ll pop up on something in the future. If you have free Wednesday nights you should check them out next week. I just realized I didn’t describe Levy’s music at all but you’re best off listening to it yourself. You’ll probably like it. YOU HAVE MY WORD.

Last thing: Ed Harcourt is playing at Pianos on April 20th and 27th. That surprised me since Pianos is quite small and Ed Harcourt is pretty big (not in the same sense but you know what I’m talking about). I have two of his albums but haven’t gotten the latest one yet. Last summer I saw him play at De Montfort Hall and while he was good I would’ve rather seen him play with a band than solo. If his shows weren’t on Wednesdays I’d think of going…doh.