techno parade Techno…wuh?

Paris knows how to be awesome in many ways. Baguettes. Doggie poo all over the streets. More baguettes. And a PARADE OF TECHNO this Saturday at noon starting at Place de la Bastille. Paris Info says:

About 30 floats equipped with huge speakers, with one float devoted to music from French-speaking countries, will make their way in a loop from the Bastille and back through the heart of the city. Over 300,000 people are expected to turn up to enjoy the street party.

I’ll try to check it out while hoping I don’t get crushed by 300,000 dancing people. No dancing for me; I’ll just observe.

The Peter Bjorn and John show went off my radar after hearing too much about the sketchiness of the 20th arrondissement. Poot! But I’d rather spend my Friday night having a carefree dinner than worrying about being mugged.