no rainbows, just grayscale

Upon first listen, I would’ve never guessed that The Hourly Radio hailed from Dallas, Texas. Then again, I’m not sure what bands from Dallas sound like. At least one of them sounds like this:

I could toss out a bunch of words to describe what they sound like, but you can more easily listen to the album in this handy ecard for their debut album, History Will Never Hold Me. And that is easier because I don’t know what to say. The things that stood out to me were 1) I do not love any one song, but I like all of them enough to listen to the album repeatedly and not feel compelled to skip anything and 2) the lead singer Aaron’s voice is…crisp…y.

Crispy? No, not like fried chicken. I went through my meager vocabular and somehow came up with “crispy”. “Warbly” is another. But it’s not always warbly and it’s not always crispy. A press release describes it as a “yearning high tenor”…yearny! It’s yearny. After a few listens, I grew to like it.

I should’ve stopped writing two paragraphs ago.

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[On a very unrelated note, my primary exposure to Dallas is through, which gives me the impression that 99% of the food comes in the form of marginally edible chicken-fried steak.]