Why are there still tickets for the Mew show at Hiro Ballroom this coming Wednesday?

EVERYONE SHOULD WANT TO GO! If you’re cool at least. …Then again, I want to go. So maybe I should take that back.

But still, everyone should go. Unless you don’t know who Mew are, in which case you should listen to some of their stuff…and then go. They’re at the top of my list of “artists I’ve never seen live, but really need to before I die”. Before this summer, I thought that would necessitate flying to Europe; I’m glad they’re the ones coming over here.

album cover
it creeps me out too

Mew’s latest album And The Glass Handed Kites is coming out in the US on July 25th. Only about 9 months after it was first released elsewhere!…could be worse, I guess. (Such as never being release here.) Here’s a song from the album:


Mew – Chinaberry Tree

And a cool music video for “Special” by Martin de Thurah: