No one got married. I think.

Of Montreal is too cute for its own good. And awesome. And happy. And jumpy. Besides an artist just performing music, it’s great when they also interact with the audience, tell stories, look freaklishly happy, wear glittery makeup, etc. Outfit changes help too. I’m not saying every artist can do this successfully, but Of Montreal does it all right. Although I’m not the hugest Of Montreal fan (I’m the lower end of medium, only having listened to “The Sunlandic Twins” closely, although I’m currently soaking in “Aldhils Arboretum”), their music is so infectiously boppy and poppy with colorful harmonies coating your ears in cotton candy that your brain might turn into a unicorn just by listening to it…which would be problematic when the unicorn tries to escape your skull and kill you in the process…eh, you’ll have died by then.

That paragraph didn’t make much sense. Well. A photo is worth a bucket of words, or something, so I’ll just post photos.

060303 056

After taking off the bridal gown (and giving his ring to an audience member), lead singer Kevin Barnes showed us his slim-ness. Ohhh, I hate people with good metabolism. But I’ll let Kevin slide. He changed into…

060303 063
mm, jacket

…a denim jacket thing! And later…

060303 073
mm, shiny

…a shiny gold ruffled shirt thing! And later…

dance, Kevin, dance!

…orange coat thing! As you can see in this mid-bop photo, he bopped around. I was driven to using the movie function on my camera for the first time ever to catch the bop-ness. Enjoy:

So, back to the concert. Um. IT WAS AWESOME! Here’s the setlist, mainly in shortened title form since that’s how they wrote it down on their paper towel setlists on stage:

* Rapture
* So Begins Our Alabee
* Fashion
* Forecast
* Don’t Ask
* Sad Love
* Voltaic
* Chrissy
* Disconnect the Dots
* Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
* Cato
* Noir
* Lysergic
* Requiem For O.M.M.2
* Spike
* Exquisite Chap
* Oslo In The Summertime
* I Was Never Young
* The Party’s Crashing Us
* encore (4 songs)

You can listen to a crapload of their songs on their website. If you don’t like “Disconnect the Dots”, then…what is up with that? HUH? WHAAAT?


Yeeah, I didn’t think so.

060303 057

I really liked how the bassist (sorry, I don’t know everyone’s names) was wearing a ginormous fuzz bucket hat and an extra-long scarf. Maybe he’s cold blooded. COLD BLOODED PEOPLE ARE ALRIGHT WITH ME. Everyone dressed snappily, if I may say that without sounding overly moronic (…too late).

I wish I had more to say, but it’s not like my words can do any justice to the show. If you get the chance, you must see Of Montreal. They’ll charm the crap out of you!

hold hands
holding hands, aw

Grand Buffet might also charm the crap out of you in a different way. I don’t like rap unless it’s sung by white people, apparently. I’M RAP RACIST? RAP…CIST…nevermind. The only “rap” I’ve listened to voluntarily is by Beck; does that even count? Anyhoo, Grand Buffet (I used to eat at a place called Grand Buffet in NJ, hmm) sing random stuff and say crazy stuff and the tall lanky dude likes to eat baby carrots, which he keeps in his pocket. The other guy likes to chew tobacco. They both like to wear black and sing songs about lemonade and the pope, or something like that. They had me (and much of the audience) laughing crazily. SO EASILY AMUSED, I AAAM.

Good times.