…so I have almost no idea what this Magnet interview at ba.no says. MAYBE YOU KNOW NORWEGIAN.

If I could learn any other language, it’d be Norwegian.

…Actually, it’d be Japanese, but those Asian languages stump me.

Random: Even sings on “Christine Sandtorv’s”:http://www.christinesandtorv.com/ (of female pop trio, “Ephemera”:http://www.ephemera.no) new album, “First Last Dance”:http://www.dagsavisen.no/nyetakter/anmeldelser/article2007675.ece, on the first track, “Ten Out Of Ten”. Yes, that sentence was too long. Anyhoo, you can listen to a clip at “music from norway”:http://www.musicfromnorway.com/default.aspx?norwegian=album&music=30780. I’m not sure how much I like this particular song, but I love both of their voices in general.