If I danced like these guys, it wouldn’t be cool, nor even the slightest bit amusing. It would be depressing and perhaps give people the idea that I had brain damage or were missing a few chromosomes because there could be no other reasonable explanation. Alas, I do not dance.

Uh. Umm. “An over-impassioned Jorma treats Death Cab For Cutie to a spastic dance during their SNL rehearsal”:http://thelonelyisland.blogspot.com/2006/01/secret-snl-tape-exposed.html. Wellll, that’s nice. Apparently, the power of Death Cab demands the removable of outerwear. Thankfully, just the top half. I’ve watched it a few times (hey, it’s short), which disturbs me a bit, but it’s funny. Right? Erm. I hope it doesn’t turn into a multi-volume dance tutorial video set… _or do I?_

Cut Copy - Going Nowhere “Cut Copy’s”:http://www.cutcopy.net/ video for Going Nowhere, which you can watch at “Milieu”:http://milieu.alexyoung.org/?p=172, also features a spastic dancer, this time fully clothed and separated from the band by a wall with a window. I like it. An explanation from the band’s mailing list:

A good friend of ours, the great director Kris Moyes, directed our latest video, Going Nowhere and we think it’s really something special. We didn’t have much time to get it all done so Kris had the idea of doing the entire ideo in one shot so there was no need to edit it afterwards. This seemed simple enough but then he had the even crazier concept of having a guy do an interpretative dance while watching us play on TV. Tricky, since we’ve now got two rooms…totally different and the camera has to ‘go through the TV’.

So, a day after our Homebake Festival appearance…and feeling rather worse for wear…we did the shoot in a converted art gallery in North Sydney. Crew were running around like crazy, it was 33 C outside and the poor cameraman had to wear this huge brace with the camera to be able to run between the two rooms in one clean swoop.

But after 12 hours of shooting and 7 full takes, Kris had his video and the weeks of preparation of putting together the impossible came to an end. We want to thank Kris and the guys for all their efforts and really want to push this video out there to as many people as possible.

You can vote for the video at “MTV 2”:http://www.mtv2europe.com/nmeVote.jhtml. I’m not sure exactly what the voting does, but it can’t be bad.