Things found on myspace, aka “the brothel”.

“The Shore”: put up a new song called “Slip Away” on their myspace page. It’s nice, you should take a listen. As for The Shore’s website, it’s pretty but I’m getting sick of flash websites. It’s not really bad flash, but…mm. I’m picky. And the navigation links are hard to read. As for a site I do like: “”:

A band I first listened to through myspace: Familar Trees. I like them a lot. The lead singer, Fabiola, reminds me a bit of Hope Sandoval and Emiliana Torrini. The songs…crap, I don’t know how to describe them. Uh. Pretty. You can also listen to their songs at “Time Release Records”:

“Filter in NYC needs a marketing intern”: Mmm, free labor! I’m so very not into marketing. I JUST LIKE TO EAT FOOD.