Dell set up A Ditty 4 You, a site that features a guy name Mark (and his dog) who sings short songs about pressing issues like “STOP USING ACRONYMS”, in conjunction with the Del DJ Ditty. Is it working? ANYONE WANT A DJ DITTY NOW?!

…well, I guess it gets the word out.

…and I’m sticking with my iPod, even if it’s not the best thing in the world. It’s more than 2 years old and it still functions. (However, over the past two years I’ve gone onto my second Dell laptop. The first one didn’t break down/explode, but the one I have now is 100000x…better.)

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Old, kind of related but not: Songs to Wear Pants To. “I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me.” I almost can’t believe how many of these songs I’m listening to. There’s a song called “Reverse Escargot” based on the request, “can you write a song about snails who eat people? haha”. I wish I could do that…kind of (write the song, not eat people).