24 hours ago I was waiting to see “CocoRosie”:http://www.touchandgorecords.com/bands/band.php?id=8. Yes, still waiting, since they went on at 11 PM.

But…that’s okay. Because I really like them. I’ve been trying to think of a way to make the lack of blood flow in my legs after standing for a few hours stop bothering me, but the only thing I can think of is chopping off my legs, which probably isn’t a good idea. Most of us at Tonic were probably in various states of leg numbness and lethargy (me in particular), or maybe high blood alcohol levels (like the woman who shouted, “YOU SUCK FOR MAKING US WAIT,” as CocoRosie took the stage), but we all stuck around in the packed, body-temperature heated room because…because. We really like CocoRosie.

The concert, including “Dirty Projectors”:http://www.westernvinyl.com/dirty_projectors.htm and “Diane Cluck”:http://www.unicornsounds.com/diane.htm, raised money for Amnesty International Firefly Project to spread awareness about human trafficking. I’ll admit total ignorance; I don’t know anything about human trafficking. I know a little more now, but it’s just another one of those…sucky things. A sucky thing to keep in my mind as I freak out over losing my keys and other stupid meaningless things.

Anyhoo. I wasn’t very into Dirty Projectors (the guy got the audience to clap and stuff though) but Diane Cluck was good. If my brain were more in working condition, maybe I would’ve bought a CD after she was done playing. She has a lovely voice, and due to my limited vocabulary, I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s. It’s…lovely. Soft? She plays folksy music. Yes, another not-very-helpful description; I’m full of them. She mentioned funnel cakes (as a reason why Pennsylvania is better than NYC, other reasons being trees and air and abundant nature) so that automatically makes her awesome.

OOOKAY, so at some point during the night as the room got more and more crowded until I was sure you couldn’t shove any more people in there, CocoRosie came onstage, starting amidst the chattering crowd (the people in the back were quite noisy at the end of Diane’s set, not so nice) with K-Hole. Sierra plucked away at her harpstrings with a mask of a crying face on the side of her head (like in this photo by central village) and wearing a Bronx Zoo sweatshirt, loose blue pants with underwear peeking out, red shoes, and…no, I don’t know what socks she was wearing. Bianca stood on the other side of the stage, singing in her Chipmunk-esque manner. I’m not sure how to describe her voice so yes, that’s all I can come up with.

For reasons I can’t explain, I love her voice. Sierra’s operatic voice is quite different (unless we’re talking about a chipmunk opera…nope) but both sister’s voices just…go together. It’s a peanut butter and jelly-like combination, although in this case, chipmunks and opera.

Other songs they played were Lyla, Bear Hides and Buffalo, Dizzy Dog, Beautiful Boyz, a song with rapping, a song having to do with a left shoe (or not), another song I can’t remember, Noah’s Ark, ,aybe some other songs, and one of my favorite songs, Tekno Love Song.

CocoRosie – Tekno Love Song [removed]

It’s pretty, yes? The live version, which had a drum beat and harmonizing from Bianca for most of the song, was a nice change from the album version. All the songs were a little different for the most part since they had a drummer and a bassist and an intense rapper for some songs (who was she?). There was also a guest singer for Beautiful Boyz and two dancers for one of the songs. The drumming and bass parts usually threw me off since…I dunno. They just did. I love the random weird animal-esque noises of mewing cats and neighing…equine animals. They have a bunch of random toys that would be good for “circuit bending”:http://www.cafepress.com/getlofi.33086251. 🙂

It was a fun night, planned somewhat last minute since I got my ticket on Tuesday night (eh, I usually plan more ahead). Although tired, I generally felt okay inside Tonic, or at least non-asthmatic. When I got to the subway station (which is right around the corner) and felt the need to hack-cough, I felt the beginnings of asthmatic wheezy lung syndrome set in. SUBWAY = ASTHMA. Just so you know.