I’ve been listening to M. Ward a lot lately so I finally bought his music. I’m currently listening to some not so legally downloaded MP3s, but I doubt I would’ve bought his music or tickets to see him at Bowery if someone hadn’t uploaded his album for some of us to leech off of. Mwahaha. Ha. I know there are people who burn as many CDs as humanly possible but I’ll buy a CD if I think it’s really good, and I’m quite happy with Transistor Radio. Here’s an online flash player for the album. Epitonic has some mp3s from a previous release. Check out Brooklyn Vegan for photos and a video from his recent Knitting Factory performance.

I haven’t gotten the new Doves album yet since I want the super deluxe package of fun-ness and I’m not sure when I’ll splurge for that. I used to buy domestic and imported versions of albums I really liked, mainly because I’d find out later that the import is much cooler, but then I realized I should just buy the import. I did that with Magnet’s On Your Side and, of course, it ended up being released in the US with the same three bonus tracks. But I did get the Japanese version of the liner notes and that’s pretty sweet. If I were really obsessed I’d try to get every version of the album; I have not. WOO! However, I’ve bought many copies of the US version and UK version for other people, so overall I may have bought seven or so copies of the album in some shape or form.

Oh, back to Doves: Pitchfork’s review of Some Cities amused me. Mainly the first and last line, for different reasons. Maybe I like the word “wheezing”…yes, that’s it.

Totally unrelated: my roommate sings pretty loudly in the shower. Not badly but…but. If you go your entire life never hearing anyone sing in the shower and then suddenly have to hear, “You’re a queer one, Julie Jordan” possibly every day you start to lose it. And when I say “you”, I mean myself. And when I say “lose it”, I mean you want to kill whoever wrote that song and when you try to forget the song all you can do is REMEMBER THE SONG EVEN MORE, which is bad.