Making mix CDs is fun. I’m making one now of electronic/instrumental (I guess whatever doesn’t have singing) stuff. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit everything I wanted on one CD:

  1. Kippi Kaninus – The Pianoplayer Takes a Bath
  2. E*Vax – The Process of Leaving
  3. B. Fleischmann – Pass By
  4. Solvent – Solvent City
  5. Satellite Grooves – I Love The Rain
  6. Neat Little Boxes – Hospital
  7. Chessie – Clear Block
  8. Fridge – Cutup Piano + Xylophone
  9. Illoin – Kismet
  10. Phonem – Information Technology (One And A Half Degree Channel)
  11. Kaptein Kaliber – Hunden Tok Hønene Våre
  12. Lineland – Rock I, Rock II
  13. Marianas – Bring Flowers
  14. Markant – Vice Versa
  15. Múm – Please Sing My Spring Reverb
  16. Plone – Top & Low Rent
  17. Console – Walk Like a Worm (there’s an official site but I can’t remember what it is)

And…that’s it. Unrelated: Bowery Ballroom has a bunch of good shows coming up. I haven’t listened to Embrace very much but I heard they’re good and that’s my vacation week. Mm, shall I go concerting?