I checked out BC Camplight since they’re scheduled to play with I Am Kloot at Pianos on March 10th and …it’s good stuff. Good stuff meaning I feel compelled to buy their 5-song EP with my meager earnings in my paypal account. You can download three songs from their website, so you may as well give them a listen. I’m not even sure which song I like the most. They’re all kind of similar in a happy and laid-back kind of way but not. But yes. Er. Yeah. Their music sounds different than most of the music I’ve been listening to lately; it’s not trying to sound like anything else. It’s carefree and weeee. Weee.

Also, you can download the new Doves album, Some Cities [via Chips & Cookies]. I did. It’s awesome. Of course I’ll buy it as well (unless I can get a free copy).